VPLive Vape Team Episode A Balanced Perspective

posted on 21 May 2013 08:17 by erechire27002

The electronic cigarette or e-cig as it is popularly referred to, is the fairly recent, way to have your intake of nicotine through inhaling vapor as opposed to the traditional cigarette, which is smoked by burning the tobacco to produce smoke. The e-cigs use an e-liquid or juice that contains the nicotine, burned by a heating element, the atomizer, to produce vapor, which is then inhaled and the juice is also available without the nicotine. The purpose of the e-cigarette is to give the consumer more options beyond chewing and the traditional smoking. At efoxcigs, we have just the right starter e-cigarettes kits for you, view our forum threads and rss feed for further info.

electronic cigarettes

One major advantage of using the e-cigarette over the tobacco cigarette is good riddance of the betraying smell of the smoke sticking to clothes. You can now smoke your e-cigarettes indoors without offending them as you will see on reviews left on the forum threads. Consumers have also left posts on the great reduction of secondhand smoke on our blog. The risks associated with tobacco smoking are also greatly reduced because the number of chemicals associated with tobacco are gone. Despite the e-cig looking like a traditional cigarette it is different and allows you to standout in its uniqueness and accessories. View more advantages at http://efoxcigs.com/ on cigs as an alternative to patches and gum.

The atomizer is one of the four major components of an electronic cigarette. It is the segment that is in charge of ensuring that there is vapor for you to inhale, by heating the contents of the cartridge and turning the e-liquid into the vapor that you inhale in the e-cig. There are different types of the atomizer, constantly under improvement on the e-cigarette, some are designed to produce more flavor while others will give you more vapor. The user should know these will need replacement every now and then. Find out more about our atomizers and cartomizers, which is a combination of the cartridge and atomizer for the e-cigs at http://efoxcigs.com in the forum posts.

While electronic cigarettes may look and feel the same as regular cigarettes, the way they function is entirely different. While traditional cigarettes burn tobaccos, electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, only release a vapor when the smoker inhales. This vapor will contain a special scent that accompanies nicotine and propylene glycol. Thus, the electronic cigarettes and their healthier vapor will allow smokers to keep their need for nicotine in check while they also avoid the harmful effects of traditional ones, making it a great option to get over nicotine addictions, says efoxcigs. Additionally, these vaporizers are non-flammable, eliminating the risks of your cigarettes starting a fire if you fall asleep while you smoke.