Any smoker is aware of the hazards of smoking and the impact of nicotine on his health. This is now minimized with the help of efoxcigs. These are rechargeable electronic cigarettes that a person can carry around like any multipack that he is used to. He simple needs to check out some online materials that talk about customer satisfaction for the product and seek the mark of FDA approval. From this, he would know that he is in good hands and he can beat the habit by using e-liquid for the best taste.

Radio Newcastle Interview on e-cigs 23-04-2013

It is possible to curb nicotine addiction by using an e-cigarette like efoxcigs. Their refillable cartridges come with the option of not just picking the liquids you want but their nicotine levels. This is a good way of helping curb one's nicotine addiction especially when it is combined with traditional forms of handling addiction such as joining joining a forum and support group. The levels of nicotine can in the liquids can be reduced to the point where the hold is broken. e-cigarettes are healthier alternatives to traditional tobacco. They are smokeless and much more unobtrusive. You can attend an online forum, make posts, sign up to an rss feed that will keep you informed.