e cigs

From nicotine patches to the nicotine gum, tobacco addicts have tried a lot to quit their smoking addiction. However, after decades of smoking everyday, even with the smoking cessation products, it can be hard. Thankfully, with electronic cigarettes, the process is made slightly easier. This is because they emulate the use of real cigarettes. Indeed, one of the main reasons for which people find it hard to quit smoking is the fact that smoking is more of a habit than an addiction. It is thus not only limited to the nicotine but also to the feel of a cigarette in the mouth and puffing the smoke, making electronic cigarettes quite effective, according to efoxcigs.

One of the most common criticism when it comes to the use of electronic cigs kits as a smoking cessation aid is that there is no proof that while being a revolutionary and exceptional, that it was also reliable. Indeed, while e-cigs were initially advertised to a customer as an easier method to stop smoking, since no one is exactly knowledgeable about their therapeutic effectiveness, suppliers are no longer allowed to do so, said efoxecigs. A study, sponsored by Health New Zealand and Ruyan, took place in New Zealand however proved that while it couldn't be certain that e-cigarettes assisted in the cessation, they were much less dangerous and addictive that the regular cigarette.